Friday, December 09, 2005

The Toy Department

I once read of a grizzled newsman in the early 20th century who called the Sports page “the toy department.” You readers who are not Lakers fans, please forgive this brief moment in the toy department.

The Lakers won the first two games of a six-game road trip, crushing the Milwaukee Bucks and the hapless Toronto Raptors. The rest of the trip:

Chicago, today
Minnesota, Saturday
Dallas, Monday
Memphis, Wednesday

What will be their record on this road trip? I say 5-1, losing only to Dallas. Yes, that is most certainly wishful thinking.

The Lakers are now 9-9. If they were in the Atlantic Division, they would be in first place.

For anyone interested, check out Lakers Blog and Forum Blue and Gold.

Our visit to the toy department is now ended. The elevator will return you to home appliances, women’s lingerie and men’s clothing.

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