Sunday, June 11, 2006


Hello? (Tap, tap; feedback sfx) Is this thing on?

No, I’m not blogging regularly again. But I thought I’d write an update of my life for anyone who chances by.

The Redlands Shakespeare Festival was a success. I went into it with some uncertainty and shaky confidence, as I had not acted in years. It all came back to me pretty fast. I had forgotten how good I am onstage.

A week after the RSF ended I auditioned for Romeo and Juliet and Midsummer-Night’s Dream at the Fictitious Theatre Company, a group that aspires to be a regional theatre in San Bernardino, California. After looking through the plays, there was only one part I wanted: Capulet (Juliet’s father). It’s a fabulous part with a wide emotional range and filled with astonishing naturalistic character touches. Capulet’s dialogue is remarkable even for Shakespeare. Ideally he would be played by someone a little older than me, say a man in his 60’s, but I lucked out and at 49 was the oldest man at the audition; I got the part.

Playwriting proceeds apace. My current project is the best play I’ve ever written. It’s not great art, merely light comedy like Noel Coward or Neil Simon. I don’t know if I have a great play in me, but I can amuse people for a few hours.

I’m also writing pop songs. I plan to go into a recording studio in a guy's garage in Riverside with my drummer friend and cut a demo. I need to find two female singers so we’ll have a big harmonic sound. It worked for the Ronettes, the Supremes, the Mamas and the Papas, Fleetwood Mac, Abba, the Bangles, the Go-Go’s and the B-52’s. From that list you can tell that I’m not exactly writing heavy metal here. Yes, I’m writing chick songs! Okay? I’m straight.

Finally, I’ve joined a gym and am losing weight. I listen to CD’s of my favorite band, the Cure, as I walk on the treadmill. I also listen to philosophy lectures.