Friday, December 09, 2005

Fighting Back

As Gus Van Horn discusses, the Republicans are fighting back against the Democrats’ recent defeatism. The pushback is proper. John Kerry outrageously said American troops are “terrorizing” Iraqi citizens. If the Democrats want to give the Republicans a board to hit them with, can you blame the Republicans for hitting?

The Democrats will surely howl. Any time the Republicans try to fight back, they are accused of McCarthyism and questioning the Democrats’ patriotism.

At least part of the reason it took the Republicans this long to respond, I believe, is that George W. Bush is a Christian who takes Christianity seriously. He has been turning the other cheek to the Democrats for years. It’s a policy of suicide that Christians can take only so far before reality forces them to fight back.

Tragically, there is no talk of fighting back against Iran. They have been at war with us since the embassy takeover in 1979. (I read somewhere that Iran's national motto is “Death to America.”) In the struggle against islamo-fascism, Iran is what Germany was in the struggle against fascism in WWII. Fighting Iraq and ignoring Iran is the equivalent of invading Spain in 1942 and ignoring Germany.

We lack clarity in this war. Between Republican pragmatism and Democrat defeatism, we’re hopelessly muddled and weakened.

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