Saturday, June 26, 2010


I've neglected this blog. If anyone still stops by here, I'm sorry that you've seen nothing new for months. Myrhaf is a wasteland these days.

I have been blogging more over at New Clarion. It's a group blog, although to be honest, it's not doing much better than this one. I'm beginning to think of it as a failure. I'm wondering if I should just come back to Myrhaf.

The rest of my life has been busy. Since March I have been in rehearsal or production of Shakespeare plays. I played Bottom in Midsummer-Night's Dream, Capulet in Romeo and Juliet and the Ghost and Claudius in Hamlet at a local Shakespeare festival. That was a lot of work. Currently I am rehearsing Shylock in Merchant of Venice at 3 Theatre. This project will last through July, possibly into August -- not sure about the extent of the run yet.

I think I'm done with local theatre -- read amateur theatre. I am about to join the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. Once I'm in that for a year, provided I work at least three days as an extra, I can then join Actors' Equity Association. I'm not terribly happy about having to join these unions, but it's the only way to make money acting in America.

Playwriting has been going well. After July I can spend more time writing, and who knows? Someday I might actually finish something. Then will the lion lie with the lamb, Jesus will return to earth, the Winter Olympics will be held in Hell, and both Al Gore and Sarah Palin will say something wise and witty.