Tuesday, December 27, 2005

And These Are the Highlights?

If you go to OVERVIEW OF THE PRESIDENT'S 2006 BUDGET, an official government site, and scroll down, you will find a section called HIGHLIGHTS OF PROGRAM INCREASES AND NEW INITIATIVES. Here are the section headings of the highlights:

Defense, Foreign Assistance, and Homeland Security
Economic Opportunity and Education
Health and Compassion
Science and Environment

Of those nine categories, which spend hundreds of billions of dollars just on new initiatives (not counting the old spending), one is a legitimate function of government: defense. The only other arguably justifiable category, homeland security, would be unnecessary if we would wage the war seriously and exterminate all terrorist states. (All homeland security is likely to do, in my opinion, is obstruct Mexican workers from coming to America. This will raise wage rates, delighting the unions, and raise the price of food, housing and other products dependent on cheap labor.)

All this regulation and compassion (with your money) is advertised by a Republican administration. They’re mighty proud of their big spending. Somebody remind me -- why is it the Democrats are supposed to be worse than the Republicans?

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