Saturday, December 03, 2005


Hard Starboard reports on Arnold defending the appointment of a Democrat as chief of staff:

GOP officials aren't alone in their criticism of the appointment, as Schwarzenegger discovered during a radio talk-show appearance with conservative host Roger Hedgecock on San Diego's KOGO radio station.

Said Hedgecock "You have once again stirred up everyone in the whole state with this announcement. This woman seems completely incompatible with any Republican principles."

Not so, said the governor, who described Kennedy as "a pro-business moderate" who had supported him on all of his doomed special-election ballot initiatives, including one which was fiercely opposed by Democrats because it would have put a limit on spending.

"All of the things that I have done in the last two years she believes in and actually said many times to me during the last two years that she has become a big fan of mine because of the things that I do," he told Hedgecock. [quotes and emphasis added]

This is either BS or Arnold really is a dumb as he sounds. “A pro-business moderate”? Please. All this means is that she’s just another welfare statist and not a flaming leftist. She will not threaten the status quo. If this country goes down the toilet, it will be the "moderates" who do the flushing.

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