Tuesday, December 13, 2005

For Political Junkies Only

Robert Novak makes some remarks at a John Locke Foundation luncheon on the 2008 presidential race.

I know, it’s only 2005. At this rate, we’ll be sick of the 2008 race before it starts. The old line goes, “A week is a long time in politics.” (I think Homer wrote that first.) So, yes, it’s a little silly to be thinking about an election three years away. The link is there for those of you who can’t help peeking anyway.

I’m not certain that “Giuliani can't win the Republican nomination in 2008 because he's pro-choice, pro-gay and pro-gun control.” Giuliani is far from perfect -- I don’t like that he made his name persecuting capitalists on Wall Street -- but if the primaries came down to Guiliani vs. McCain or some horror from the religious right, I’d vote for Rudy.

And if you’re still interested in an inside-the-beltway non-story that the liberal media blew WAY out of proportion in hopes of damaging President Bush, Novak also throws out a tidbit on the Plame investigation. I hit my limit on that story months ago.

(HT: Polipundit)

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Mailman said...

Yech. If it came down to Giuliani or McCain vs Hillary, I wouldn't vote in '08. I won't vote for a candidate unless I'm sure he'll do more good than harm. None of the three above make that list.

Little needs to be said about Hillary. Giuliani is a gun grabber, and we don't need that on the table with such weak-willed conservatives in the congress. McCain is all about flash and self-promotion at the expense of any principle he thinks the left would find pretty in flame; there's little reason to think he wouldn't stop playing for democratic popularity once he got in the white house.

George Allen has been on the right side of social security reform, Iraq, spending cuts, and every other major issue where I've seen him present. Further, he's didn't join the stampede surrounding Schiavo like all the strongly religious conservatives. His biggest black mark in my book was being part of the showy Nov 15 vote making a vague challenge against the president's handling of Iraq.