Monday, December 12, 2005

Teaching Shakespeare

Interesting post about teaching Shakespeare to children. The blogger is apparently a mother homeschooling her children. You think a seven-year old kid will get turned onto Shakespeare like this in a public school?

(HT: Bogus Gold and PunditDrome)

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SN said...

Thanks for the link. As an experiment, I tried it on my 7 year old. He was mildly interested, but didn't really bite -- wanted to go back to reading Harry Potter for the Nth time.

Public schools proceed on some really bad assumptions about kids. The parents don't help, mind you. They make the same assumptions.

Better than home schooling is to find a private school that will teach as much as a child wants to learn. It is the cheaper option than staying home with a kid. It is also more fun for the kid.

PS: Nice blog. Prolific for a 2-month old. Keep up the good work.