Friday, February 10, 2006

They're Not Crazy

Tom Bevan, writing about the Democrat politicizing of the Coretta Scott King funeral, concludes,

The left is welcome to screech and froth and spew as much hatred as they want over this President. Lord knows the hard right had its collective fits over Clinton all through the 90's. Yet it is inconceivable that a former Republican President would have seen fit to launch an attack on Bill Clinton on the occasion of a dignitary's death. It wouldn't have happened. Because the unwritten rule has always been - up until the left recently lost its mind, that is - that some things were above politics.

Saying that the left “recently lost its mind” is an inadequate explanation. The left is behaving sane by their principles. The left’s malfunction is not primarily psychological, although there is a psychological correlation. The Democrats’ fundamental problem is that they are becoming more consistent to their moral-political principles of altruism, collectivism and statism. The Democrats are becoming more consistently and openly who they are: New Leftists. The moderates have been leaving the party for decades.

The New Left is totalitarian compared to the welfare statists the Democrats used to be. New Leftists believe that they are good and the right is evil. They believe that the end of power justifies any means possible. They think they are utterly justified in telling lies because they are good and the right is evil. Politics of personal destruction? Perfectly justified when Democrats do it; besides, the right is so evil, they deserve personal destruction. They think they are doing the right thing when they attack Republicans at a funeral.

These are people who take the pursuit of power seriously. Politics ain’t no gentleman’s game like it used to be. 19th century decorum is a joke to totalitarians, something to be used if it furthers their pursuit of power.

The Republicans are acting as I imagine the White Russians did circa 1916. Hey, you Bolsheviks are crazy! You’re breaking the rules!

UPDATE: Slight revision.

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EdMcGon said...

Myrhaf, I'm not sure I would compare the current administration with Czarist Russia, but you do have a valid point.

It will be interesting to see if the Democrats decide to calm down, or start a revolution.