Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Future Invasions?

Armchair Intellectual is probably right that America will not attack Syria or Iran without provocation. I blame two major causes: 1) Republican pragmatism, which makes it difficult for them to think in principles; and 2) Democrat obstructionism. The Democrats and their allies in the MSM have made such a stink about the way we went into Iraq that timid politicians will not risk bringing that torrent of bad publicity down on them with another invasion.

Both parties bear some of the blame if we leave terrorist states standing to attack us in the future. Blinkered vision led the Republicans astray. But the Democrats have conducted a massive campaign of outright lies about pre-war intelligence, Halliburton, Bush starting a war to help his oil buddies, etc. They are guilty of something worse than blinkered vision.

I guess the Democrats should be proud. Their campaign worked. They have effectively stopped the expansion of American military action in the Middle East. At least until America suffers the next big attack.

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