Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Liberal Cocoon

The Politburo Diktat explores a difference between righty bloggers and lefty bloggers. It seems that the big righty blogs are more likely to link to smaller blogs than the big lefty blogs are.

I’m not conviced by his explanation, that the lefties are Stalinist, whereas the righties are libertarian. No, the difference is that those on the right are genuinely interested in learning new information, whereas leftists are more interested in having their feelings reinforced by agreement. To get information, go to them that know. But to stay comfortable within the liberal cocoon, just hang out at Daily Kos or Democratic Underground.

I have observed many liberals and conservatives over the decades. And I am, if I may pat myself on the back, a better than average observer. I’ve always been fascinated by humanity and I spend a lot of time pondering human action. In my observation, liberals dislike dissension more than non-liberals. It sounds odd, since they parade dissent as an ideal, but dissent against liberalism disgusts them.

I have seen liberals react with revulsion at the mere sound of Rush Limbaugh’s voice. One woman’s loathing was so intense that she could not hear the argument he was making. She literally did not know what he was talking about -- but she despised it just the same.

I believe it was Polipundit who came up with the term “the liberal cocoon.” With the rise of cable TV, talk radio and the internet, the liberal cocoon has become a smaller place -- and a more desperate place.

It will be interesting to see what becomes of the liberal cocoon as older Americans raised in liberal media dominance die off and young people used to a wired world grow up. That’s the great thing about observing humanity: the show never ends.

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