Friday, December 02, 2005

Rose Robbins

Rose Robbins should write a Broadway musical. Bill Quick pointed out a post by Robert Bidinotto urging readers to check out her songs. She has an expressive, husky alto voice. Her songs are good. I especially like “Whisper.”

No, linking to Bidinotto does not mean I support David Kelley or TOC. As an ARI supporter, I had three choices here: ignore Rose Robbins, link to Rose Robbins and ignore Bidinotto or link to Rose Robbins and give credit where credit is due. I chose the last option.

In general, linking to anything does not mean I support it or agree with it at all.


Rose Robbins said...

Thank you!
I may actually write a musical someday. It's an idea.

Todd said...
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Todd said...

Wow, I never new Rose Robbins even existed. I was walking into an Albersons market the other day and was stoped dead in my tracks. Her beauty is incredible. I ran into her today, what a thrill, she gave me a CD. freekin incredible. Her voice permiates all that is around.


Anonymous said...

I agree