Sunday, December 04, 2005


Thanks to Noodle Food for discussing “Psychologizing the Left.” Thanks to Gus Van Horn for discussing my post on McCain and for adding me to his blogroll. I’m so new to blogging that I don’t know how to create a list of blog links.

I’m still trying find my identity as a blogger. John Hawkins writes somewhere about being “a linker or a thinker.” I’ll probably be some undistinguished mixture.

I suspect that there is a low ceiling on how far this blog can go. I’m not a pure partisan like Polipundit or Daily Kos, although I am a registered Republican. (A Republican who is increasingly unhappy with the party.) Also, this blog is part personal, which must limit its appeal. I blog about whatever interests me; this blurs the focus of the blog. Finally, the time I can spend blogging is limited. The really ambitious bloggers must spend many hours at it every day. As in any field of endeavor, the great ones have a passion for it.

The Lakers beat the Bobcats 99-98 in the last 10 seconds of the fourth quarter. Exciting game, but the Bobcats are something like 1-11 in away games and they almost beat the Lakers in LA.


Jennifer Snow said...

It's not that hard to create links; blogger help has sample code that you can copy and paste, so all you need is the URL you want to link.

Or, if you go to Gus Van Horn's site he has a link to a blogrolling service that, like sitemeter, will manage your list of links for you, so you just have to log onto the service to move your links around.

Nice blog, btw. :)

Myrhaf said...

Thanks for the advice. I'll have to get around to doing it.