Sunday, December 11, 2005

Random Thoughts

The failure of public education is shocking -- until you realize that an informed citizenry is not in the state’s best interest.

What did the miraculous 60’s give us? A bunch of unshaven dolts who lust for power that they might force their utopian visions on the rest of us. And that’s just the women.

The state takes your money; a thief does the same. But of course there is a big difference: the thief doesn’t pretend he’s doing you a favor.

Anyone who buys a book by a politician deserves to read it.

Every con man knows that you play a man’s vanity and a woman’s insecurity.

When a politician smiles as he speaks, he’s hiding something.

The bureaucrat is charged to work on some problem. His first task is to see that the problem never goes away. The greater the suffering, then the bigger his office, desk and chair get. If the problem becomes a permanent crisis, his mortgage payments, his children’s education and his retirement are secure.

The more excuses a culture gives for crime, the more crime there will be. If prevailing thought says man is helpless before his instincts or his potty training or the class system of capitalism or the devil or racism or eating too many cupcakes, who then is surprised by high rates of crime? Determinism is the manure in which crime grows.

Stay away from politicians; their charm clouds the mind.

Women love men who are amusing; men love women who are amused.

Politicians are like insecure teenagers: their first consideration is not reality, but popularity.

No matter how romantic a woman is, part of her approaches marriage with the mind of an accountant.

Go into a good university library. You will find a shelf of books on Queen Elizabeth and her court; and you will find row upon row of books about Shakespeare and the other playwrights of the English Renaissance. You will find more books about mediocre playwrights such as Marston, Kidder and Ford than you will about the most prominent politicians of the age. And yet, during late 16th and early 17th centuries, the courtiers were famous and the playwrights ignored. Politics is for the moment; art is for the ages.

The greatest tragedy of our time is that lazy parents use the television to keep their children occupied. They destroy their children’s minds in order to keep them quiet.

There is nothing more rare than a woman who is both smart and happy.

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