Thursday, December 15, 2005

Laker Quips

Before the Lakers six-game road trip I predicted they would go 5-1, losing only to Dallas. They lost to Minnesota. Am I good? No, I’m lucky -- but the Lakers are good. I think this team is heading for the playoffs.

With the return of Kwame Brown, the 18-year old Andrew Bynum has been riding the pine. He’s taking it well. (When you’re 18 years old in the NBA, you’d better take it well.) Bynum said, "For me to get 20 minutes in a game, somebody's going to have to die."

Phil Jackson stirred up controversy when he called Sacramento “cowtown.”

Add Memphis to the list of cities Jackson has slammed in his time with the Lakers. He took one look at the desolate downtown on Tuesday and declared, "It's like Dresden after the war."
I get the impression Jackson is a big city kind of guy.

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