Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Yet One More Problem to Evade

From Western Resistance we find:

MARKA, Somalia Nov 21 (Garowe Online) - More than 100 people, including children, were arrested Tuesday by Islamic Courts militia in Lower Shabelle region of southern Somalia after Islamists stormed into a movie cinema.

The arrested people did not include the cinema-owners but the Islamists took away all the equipment the cinema had, witnesses reported.

The Islamist administration in Marka, the regional capital, had been undertaking steps to combat “un-Islamic practices,” including shutting down cinemas and banning khat, a leafy narcotic popular throughout Somalia.

Movie cinemas in other Islamist-held regions of Somalia have also been shut down in recent months as the Islamists gradually consolidate their power in the country.

The Islamists are locked in a power struggle with the Baidoa-based interim Somali government, which has been trying to assert its power since late 2004.

So if some hellhole like Somalia becomes a breeding ground for terrorists, if it isn't already, what do we do? Look the other way because bombing will generate bad pictures on CNN? Give them more foreign aid? Make them the 51st state? I’m sure with geniuses like James Baker and George McGovern around we’ll think of something.


EdMcGon said...

Of course, the liberal Media continues to ignore this story. I guess the "khat" got their tongues? ;)

Myrhaf said...

If there were a God, He would punish you for that.

EdMcGon said...

Sorry. Couldn't resist. :)

Anonymous said...

Here is what Llewellyn Rockwell had to say about Somalia:

Post Clinton Somalia was an anachro wonderland and the new Islamic dictatorship is all America's fault.

And at one point in my life I actually considered myself a libertarian. Thank goodness I cam to me senses.

Bill visconti