Sunday, November 26, 2006

What McCain Wants

Matt Welch’s examination of John McCain’s ideas is a must-read. Many politicians show aspects of fascism, but McCain, with his militarism, national greatness, government regulation of business, calls for self-sacrifice and militaristic view of citizenry, is the purest fascist among prominent politicians. Can anyone doubt that a Democrat Presidency (especially with a Republican Congress) would do less harm to freedom than a McCain Presidency?

Do you want to wake up one day between the years 2009-2113 to an America in which every young person must do two years of mandatory service to the state as a "rite of passage"? Is that what Jefferson, Madison and friends had in mind when they founded this country?


Exalted Moments said...

Agreed. There is no way I am voting for McCain. I will vote for Hillary before I vote for him.

SecFox HQ said...

I've already completely written off the Republican, er, I mean, Conservative party in all aspects. Straight Dem for me for the foreseeable future.

EdMcGon said...

If it turns out to be McCain vs. Clinton, the Libertarians stand a good chance of getting my vote.

In a choice between socialism or fascism, I will be voting "none of the above".