Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Our Best Hope?

John Lewis writes:

Let us remember: atomic weapons were developed, and used, in World War II, by Democrats. Let us hope that they can reverse the intellectual damage of the 1960's and regain their will to defend their country. The Republicans have shown that they will not.

Several weeks ago I heard the left-liberal radio host Ray Taliafaro, who is hugely popular with the folks at Democratic Underground, call America the world’s worst terrorist nation. 40 years ago you would have had to go to the fringe socialist parties to hear such a vicious lie. Today Ray Taliafaro speaks for a portion of the Democrat base, how big a portion I do not know. If our hopes rest on people who believe America is the world’s worst terrorist nation coming to their senses, then it’s over. We’re done for.

Today’s Democrats are not the same party that won World War II. The rot of multiculturalism and the other New Leftist ideologies has transformed the party. The name is the same, but not much else.

Today's Democrats just elected a Muslim to Congress. At the victory celebration his supporters chanted "Allah o akhbar!" Not exactly "Happy Days Are Here Again."

Why would people who hate America even want to reverse the intellectual damage of the 1960’s? They see Islamic attacks on America as acts of justice. Isn’t it more likely that the Republicans will reverse the intellectual damage of neoconservatism and the religious right? Granted, it’s still a longshot, but at least the Republicans do not hate America.

Come the next crisis the Republicans will be motivated by their love of America to rethink their position and root out their errors. The Democrats, to the extent they are infected by far left anti-Americanism, will be motivated to evade reality.

UPDATE: Slight revision.


EdMcGon said...

The Democrats, to the extent they are infected by far left anti-Americanism, will be motivated to evade reality.

To evade reality, Democrats would first have to acknowledge the existence of reality. Maybe when they get back from Oz. :P

SecFox HQ said...

No Myrhaf, the Repubs are not going to rethink their basic philosophy. As I said in one of my own posts, the Dems hate America, but the conservatives hate life on earth. Thus, they are still the worst of the two parties.

Anonymous said...

I really respect John Lewis and I consider him one of ARI's best lecturers. But I wonder if the strong anti-Republican stance they have adopted isn't a little premature. I know the conservatives are bad and religion is mankind's oldest and greatest enemy. But the nihilistc Left is a murderous beast and it could do tremendous damage now.

I'm sure John Lewis has to know that the Democrats of today are not the Democrats of the 40's. So his statement really confuses me.

I find many flaws with Robert Trancinski's commentary. But in this case, I think his opinion that the Dems should not have any political power was the right approach.

Myrhaf said...

If the Republicans are dominated by serious, fundamentalist Christians, then you are right, Blair. American Christians, until recently, did not take religion seriously like the Augustinian medieval Christians.

The point of my post is that Republicans will want to find a solution to terrorism, whether they end up doing it or not. The anti-American left will not want to defend America.

Which party is undercut the most by its worst elements?

Anonymous said...

"Which party is undercut the most by its worst elements?"

I wonder if the better question is which party has some better elements left in it?

The modern Left seems to me to be a total rejection of and attempted reversal of the Enlightenment. But today's Right seems to me to be a mix.

Yes there is religion but there is also some connection to Enlightenment America. I also think that the association with America and religion persists because of the centuries long legacy of the securalization of Christianity since Aquinas. Very few people are able to unpackage the reason and faith package deal that has existed for the better part of a millenium.

I mean the Right has such writers as Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Victor Davis Hansen, Mark Steyn, etc. Does the Left have the equivalent? I see a Paul Krugman, Maureen Dowd, etc.

I think that the Bush administration has showed the true stripes of today's conservatives and they are bad. But they don't put the type of fear into me that the Left does. They really scare the shit out of me.

Myrhaf said...

Madmax, for the most part I agree with you. I understand what the other side is arguing about religion, but every day the worst things I hear come from the Democrats. At the same time, there is no question that the Republicans have gone WAY south.

Both parties are coalitions of various factions. Maybe there are some good, rational Democrats; maybe it's an exaggeration to call them a completely leftist party. Also, both parties must compete for independent votes to get power. Ironically, the Democrats' power-lust might be the one thing that brings them to their senses. If they moderate their leftism, they will gain more power. Since the 1972 catastrophe I think the Democrats have been a mostly leftist party that has, with the help of the MSM, covered up their true nature to get votes. As the internet and talk radio expose their true nature, the Dems have two choices as I see it: be honest about their leftist nature and accept minority status or change.

There is a third, unthinkable option, that the American people become as leftist as the Democrat Party. Then we're really screwed.