Monday, November 13, 2006

What Do I Do?

I have a fungus in a toilet bowl. I drop bleach tabs in the tank, I pour bleach in the bowl, I scrub. No matter what I do... it comes back.

It has been there for years. This life form will not die. What if it mutates? What if it spreads? I wait for the day I read the words Resistance is futile written in fungus in the toilet bowl.

The "Theme from Jaws" plays in my head every time I enter that bathroom.


SecFox HQ said...

Well, you could build another bathroom?! Hehehehe

EdMcGon said...

Sometimes you just catch me completely off guard. When I opened your blog today, the last thing I expected to read was "I have a fungus in a toilet bowl.".

Too funny! Especially the "Resistance is futile" part. :)

By the way, this post is EXACTLY what I meant when I said you don't have to write "War and Peace" to effectively blog. ;)