Thursday, November 30, 2006

Recent Acquisitions

I received a used book bought through amazon, R.R. Bolgar’s The Classical Heritage and Its Beneficiaries: From the Carolingian Age to the End of the Renaissance, a Harper Torchbook published in 1964. It looks promising. The book is about the good effects of classical civilization on western civilization. Bolgar wrote before the rise of the New Left, so I don’t think I’ll come across the words “dead white males” in this book.

The cover features a poor black and white reproduction of the inevitable, Raphael’s School of Athens. You know the painting: Plato is pointing up, Aristotle is gesturing out at the world. On how many philosophy book covers has this painting been used?

I also received the December 2006 Commentary, which has a review of Barack Obama’s book The Audacity of Hope. I won’t be buying his book, as I like to say that anyone who buys a book written by a politician deserves to read it. But I must ask, what is it with Democrats and hope? The word makes their knees weak, and yet, if they really gave a good goddamn about hope, then they would not be socialists. Socialism destroys hope for everyone, even those weak and needy ones it purports to help. Capitalism provides opportunity, raises the general standard of living, advances technology and everything else and creates wealth. Without capitalism there is no hope. Liberals use the word hope to expand the state and destroy the real cause of hope – another example of the parasitic nature of evil.

Any big government liberal who writes a book called The Audacity of Hope is saying to me, “I am a mediocrity who cannot think in anything but the treacliest of bromides and I expect to appeal to ignoramuses who respond emotionally to fuzzy words but do not think critically.” Yes, he is a politician for our time. I expect him to go far.


Michael Neibel said...

I think he'll go far too. He seems to have cultivated the correct degree of obfuscation.

Myrhaf said...

That too. It worked for Clinton.

Andrew Dalton said...

Barack Obama and John McCain are two politicians who are particularly dangerous due to 1) both being consistent and proselytizing altruists to a degree that is considerably worse than the general American culture, and 2) each having a fighting chance of becoming President.

Interestingly, while I was living in Illinois I decided to hold my nose and vote for Obama, but only because his opponent was the religious fanatic Alan Keyes. If either Obama or McCain ends up in a presidential election, the Republican would have to be that bad in order for me to even consider voting for either.

Andrew Dalton said...

Oops... my previous comment implied that Barack Obama and John McCain were both Democrats. Unfortunately, there is actually the possibility of having to choose between the two in a general election.

Myrhaf said...

What a choice!

Katypauline said...

why do you think democrats are socialist? Has it ever occurred to you that Capitalism must be controlled and tempered? When capitalist are allowed to do whatever they want, you get what we have now. It starts to destroy everything and itself. Just like children must have rules and direction. Our America needs a blend of Capitalism and socialism to work. I just go crazy from you damn black and white seeing blind men.