Tuesday, November 21, 2006

We Get What We Deserve

Dr. Hurd writes:

Enjoy your moment of glory, Ms. Pelosi. Your time to be thrown out will come as well -- as it necessarily must in a country that isn't truly free, but still, somehow deep down, wants to be.

Ayn Rand wrote something to the effect that in a country with free elections people get the politicians they deserve. (Can anyone find the exact quote?)

My greatest fear is that someday the American people will be ground down by bad philosophy, weariness and bad education and will like being parasites on the welfare state so much that they will no longer want to be free. We will become like Europeans. Then it will be over. We will get the dictatorship we deserve.


SN said...

I have this totally speculative hypothesis that if the world continues to modernize without coming to Objectivism, all countries -- US, China, India -- will end up looking very much like the European model.

EdMcGon said...

The one thing that can save this country? Immigration. Not illegal immigration mind you, but just immigration. As long as this country maintains a steady flow of people coming in who recognize there are worse alternatives to what we have here, I think there is hope.

Myrhaf said...

The problem is illegal immigrants who come here to get on the welfare wagon. Like one pregnant woman I heard about who swam across the Rio Grande, climbed up the bank on our side and had her baby in the mud. Because the baby was born in the US, she lives off the taxpayers. It was a lucrative swim.

EdMcGon said...

Believe me, I am firmly against illegal immigration. However, I think we could stand to increase our legal immigration quotas substantially. People who are willing to come into this country legally should be welcomed, regardless of the numbers.

Myrhaf said...

Oh, absolutely. And I'm not really against illegal immigration, just against immigrants coming here to get welfare. I think anyone who makes the effort to come to America should be allowed to stay here. If he doesn't work, he appeals to private charity or dies.