Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Questions -- and An Answer

In my last post I wrote,

Remember this in the coming months: when the liberal media say “bipartisanship,” they mean Republicans doing what Democrats want.
Now this from Bill Quick:

Ken Mehlmann is on Fox right now blathering on about how he agrees with Howard Dean that the two parties need to set aside partisanship and "work together," and then cites things like the Kennedy edu bill as desirable examples.

I did not realize that bipartisanship also meant doing what the Democrats want to the White House.

The Bush administration will learn nothing from this election. They are “compassionate conservatives,” which means they thoroughly subscribe to the welfare state, but want to make it religious, too. Bush is in my opinion ignorant and contemptible. He is beyond reform.

Well, it didn't take me long to lose confidence in Bush, did it? One question remains: are there any good Republicans left?

Another important question haunts me. Are the American people beyond reform? This from Neal Boortz:

Democrats have known for years what they were going to do as soon as they managed to regain power in Washington… and that is to begin work immediately on making sure that they are never turned away by the voters again.

The largest component of the Democrat voter base is comprised of voters who vote for a living, voters who have abandoned their adult responsibilities and have, to one extent or another, become wards of the state. Democrats will immediately try to expand the American social welfare state. Look for proposals for new tax credits and exemptions… but only for lower income Americans. Look for increases in the minimum wage… the government setting wages rather than leaving that up to the competitive free market. Look for proposals to shift payroll taxes away from lower income workers and onto the evil rich. In short… look for more government.

The Democrats are the party of government -- those in government and those dependent on government. This bloc lives as a parasite off of productive Americans. I believe these people are beyond reform. They will go down fighting to the last man.

Do productive Americans have what it takes to stand up to the parasites morally and assert their right to live for their own self-interest?

This is why the spread of Objectivism is the most important task today. In the name of everything that is good, we must arm the producers of America with the understanding that they have a moral right to live for themselves. Objectivism will be the spine of the coming rebellion against socialism -- and against that monstrosity known as “compassionate conservatism.”


Michael Neibel said...

Another good post Myrhaf. The task of educating the public will be formidable. Ayn Rand once said that if dictatorship ever comes to America, it will be brought by two groups: the very rich-because they plan on doing the ruling-and the very poor-because they want to be ruled. These two groups are beyond reform IMO. But the spread of Objectivism can educate the young who will replace them.

EdMcGon said...

Amen brother!