Saturday, November 11, 2006

I Hate My Generation

Since day one of the Bush Presidency, the New Leftist baby boomers in the Democrat Party have been replaying the two great triumphs of their youth, Watergate and Vietnam. Their attempts to mire Bush in Watergate-like scandal have so far been a bust. Remember Halliburton? After all their effort to smear him, Bush is still untarnished. Perhaps we should thank the Democrats for helping us see in clear relief that Bush is not corrupt. I’m not saying Bush is an intelligent man or a good president, but he seems to be clean.

From the recent election it looks like the Democrats will succeed in turning Iraq into Vietnam. The left will succeed because the Republicans first turned Iraq into Vietnam when they failed to do what it takes to destroy the enemy. Fear of world opinion crippled LBJ and Nixon and the same fear cripples Bush. Maybe someday we’ll learn that America cannot fight a vigorous war and also make the French happy.

The morality of altruism gives world opinion so much power. Altruism demands that the strong sacrifice to the weak. America is the strongest nation. Any assertion of our right to exist goes against the altruist premise. As far as the world is concerned, America does not have a right to exist except as a humble servant to the needy.

President Bush, whose favorite philosopher advises him to turn the other cheek when he is struck, was undermined by the altruist premise. He could not wage a war to destroy the enemy. The fountainhead of militant Islam, Iran, still lives; it foments unrest in Iraq, it plots against America and it works to achieve nuclear missles. All because Bush and the neo-conservatives could not proudly stand up and say, “America has a selfish right to exist.”

So it looks like we’ll start bugging out of Iraq. Maybe we’ll get pictures of the last helicopter leaving Baghdad so the baby boomers can really relive the good old days.

I congratulate my fellow baby boomer, Osama bin Laden. He pointed to Vietnam and Somalia and said America was a paper tiger. He said we did not have what it takes to stick it out. He was right.

The rock group Cracker has a song called, “I Hate My Generation.” This cracker agrees. America will be a better place when the baby boomers are dead and gone. There are good baby boomers, but on balance the passing of my generation will be a sign of progress.

UPDATE: The inevitable slight stylistic revisions.


EdMcGon said...

No offense Myrhaf, but I was born one year too late (1965) to be lumped in with the Baby Boomers, and I take great pride in that fact.

Myrhaf said...

I hope your generation is on whole more in touch with reality.

EdMcGon said...

I would say we are mostly, although we have our share of bad apples.