Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Random Thoughts on the Election

Now that I’ve had some rest, I feel refreshed. Got my good humor mojo workin’ again.

The campaign for 2008 begins somewhere around 9am today. Can you stand it?

Aside from the Democrats, the big winners are the pollsters. They pretty much got it right. My confidence in my lack of confidence in polls has been shaken.

Prediction: If, as it looks, the Democrats win the Senate, the old liberals on the Supreme Court -- which come to think of it is all of the liberals -- will retire in the next two years for fear that Republicans will take back the Judiciary Committee in 2008. Finally, after decades of toil, they get to take a rest from proofreading the opinions their clerks write. Okay, maybe not all of them will retire.

Some of the Republicans who lost were religious conservatives: Rick Santorum and John Hostettler, for two. That’s a good thing.

Ramesh Ponnuru thinks some of the Republicans lost because of Libertarian votes. It’s not good that people are voting Lib, but it is good if the Republican Party is encouraged to move toward smaller government and less spending for fear of losing votes. (Like that will ever really happen. I think I’ve been inhaling my cigars too deeply.)

According to one analysis, the number of college voters was up huge -- an average of 50% in the precincts studied! But how did they vote? If they went heavily Democrat, doesn’t that indicate that fears of a rising religious vote are maybe a little overblown?

Diana Hsieh stood in line two hours and 20 minutes to vote. I guess she had to after making a vote against the Republicans seem like a matter of life and death. (I'm exaggerating. A little.) But seriously, I respect Diana and take many of the points her side made before the election. However, I think it is a waste of time to stand in line that long to vote.

Remember this in the coming months: when the liberal media say “bipartisanship,” they mean Republicans doing what Democrats want. This paragraph is sponsored by the Rush Limbaugh Show.

Speaking of radio, here is a telling line from Hugh Hewitt:

And it is a wonderful day for new media, especially talk radio. For two years we have had to defend the Congressional gang that couldn't shoot straight. Now we get to play offense.

Why did you have to defend the Republicans when they couldn’t shoot straight, Hugh? Why couldn’t you criticize them? Are you saying the new media are biased toward the Republicans?

Michelle Malkin is hot. (Did I just lose Trey Givens?)

Several of the Democrats who were elected, such as Shuler, are religious conservatives. Now, this is a fascinating development. Could the Democrats begin taking back the south by fielding conservatives? What would the Kossacks think? Would this be good or bad for America? It would mean more religious politicians, but fewer Republicans, who are supposed to be the party of impending theocracy. Something to watch in the next election.

If the Democrats had not won the House of Representatives, we would be talking about the death of the Democrat Party. As Mike’s Eyes see it,

Traditionally, the party out of power picks up seats in both houses in off year elections. It didn't happen for the Dems in 2002. So it had better happen this year or they might as well jump into a casket and close the lid. But, it happened for them and they can give a big thank you to the Republican Party for making it happen.

I think this win was HUGELY important for the Democrats. I’m hoping a reinvigorated Democrat Party will bring the Republicans to their senses. (Yep. I’ve lost it. Must be the cigars.)

Charles Rangel will chair Ways and Means, John Conyers will chair Finance, Alcee Hastings will chair Intelligence, Barney Frank will chair Financial Services and Henry Waxman will chair Good Government. God, what a freak show. It’s up to Bush to veto any expansion of government these clowns manage to push through. Bush is not facing re-election. Maybe he’ll put Karl Rove out to pasture and grow a set of testicles and govern the way Republicans are supposed to govern but really haven’t since Coolidge. (Did I just write that? Enough. I’m throwing away those stinky cigars.)

The angry left will demand subpoenas on everyone from Bush down. I think we’re looking at two years of sound and fury signifying nothing. Sit back and enjoy the show. It could be worse: the government could actually do something.


EdMcGon said...

That last line actually made me feel GOOD about the Democrats in power. ;)

I just hope the ink in Bush's veto pen hasn't dried up from lack of use...

Exalted Moments said...

Michelle Malkin *is* hot. Too bad she is wacked out. I used to like her years back, but she is a true conservative.

Unknown said...

Well, it wasn't that much of a waste. I knew the lines would be long, so I brought my laptop with me. I was able to get about two hours of work done. As a general rule, I always have some kind of work with me so I never have to just waste time staring into space.

Myrhaf said...

I'm glad to hear that, Diana!