Wednesday, November 29, 2006

But... if we bomb them, they will get mad

Dr. Hurd quotes this:

MSNBC: You don’t think Bush will attack Iran in the end?

Biden: I don’t think so … The reason being, we have no capacity to do that. Even with airstrikes, now that you’ve energized the Iranian population, what do you do then? (Senator Joe Biden, Democrat, head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the new Congress)

We don’t have the capacity to bomb Iran because that will “energize” the Iranian population. And what do you do then?

How about this? We light a cigar, pour some champagne and laugh at the energized Iranians. Not only will this feel good, but we’ll get the additional pleasure of pissing off the French.

Senator Biden needs to think outside the appeasement box. Stopping the Islamofascist regime of the mullahs from getting nuclear weapons is a good thing. If it angers the Iranian people, then they deserve to be provoked.


EdMcGon said...

I see Biden's point here. If the rumors of Iran being close to a new revolution are true, it would be foolish for us to try anything there, even a simple bombing. Inciting a wave of nationalism in Iran would be a set-back for any kind of revolution.

That said, I don't think we can wait until AFTER they have nukes either. I would rather see us bomb Iran's nuclear facilities than wait until Israel glows in the dark.

SN said...

Strikes me that it is in the interest of the mullahs to put out rumors that a revolution may be brewing. I've been hearing these rumors for a few years now, with no changes in sight.

Anonymous said...

Response needs to read:

"If we bomb them, they will get dead."