Tuesday, February 14, 2006

20 Questions For Submariners

1. Do sailors have to pass a psychological evaluation to join the submarine fleet?
2. Are claustrophobes kept out of the submarine fleet?
3. How do submariners deal with cabin fever?
4. Do submariners ever lose their sanity under the ocean? Have you seen any?
5. How long can submariners stay submerged before sanity and order break?
6. Do you hear pinging noises in a submarine like in the movies?
7. Do enlisted men sleep in bunks in a common room like in the movies?
8. Do submariners have to be quiet when the enemy is near? What is that all about?
9. Do submarines have cameras to view what’s going on around them?
10. What is the most realistic submarine movie?
11. What is the most unrealistic thing in submarine movies?
12. Have you ever said “Up periscope” or “Dam the torpedoes”?
13. Is the food good?
14. Is there any alcohol on subs?
15. What is the biggest submarine?
16. How many subs does the US Navy have?
17. What nation has the best submarines?
18. What nation has the second best?
19. If an American sub was stranded on the ocean floor like that Russian sub, would there be any way to save the men inside?
20. Have you ever seen a giant octopus?

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