Sunday, February 19, 2006

Diva Antics

I heard that Mariah Carey won three awards at the Grammys, but lost the biggest ones. After the Grammy show she sulked in her dressing room because she lost best album to U2. Then she went back to her luxury hotel suite and drank so much champaign that supposedly corks could be heard popping every five minutes. Come the dawn she had broken two windows, six light fixtures, two TV’s and a $50,000 chandelier.

Another Mariah story. She was scheduled for a book signing at a Barnes & Noble. The employees told her she could have their break room all to herself for a few hours before the event. She asked them to paint it pink.

Is there something in celebrity that makes some of them, such as Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson, act irresponsibly? Could being surrounded by sycophants detach one from reality?


SN said...

I suspect many celebrities also live with an element of fear that comes from being disbelief that they made it big.

EdMcGon said...
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EdMcGon said...

I think your sycophant comment nailed it. If everyone tells you how wonderful you are, after awhile you start to believe it.