Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Rush's Take On the SOTU

I listened to Rush Limbaugh’s first hour. He thought the SOTU speech was great because it made the Democrats look bad. America cheered Bush as the Democrats sat on their hands. If I understand Rush, he thought the speech was designed to show America who the Democrats really are.

It is true that the Democrats looked bad, but is this the most important thing to say about the speech? Should making the Democrats look bad be one of Bush’s major concerns when he delivers an important speech? Making the Democrats look bad is a short-term gain; what about he long term? Did Bush’s speech advance freedom and individual rights in America or did it advance state intervention in the economy?

Someday when we have lost all our freedom, conservatives will be able to look back in satisfaction at the night Bush made the Democrats look bad. Boy, those were the days! I hope it makes their chains feel lighter.

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EdMcGon said...

Like Bush needs to make the Democrats look bad? They do a pretty decent job of that on their own.

Rush needs to get off the koolaid if that's the best he can say about that speech. That sounds like the words of an apologist: "I know the speech sucked, but at least it made the Democrats look bad."

The truth is the speech did suck.