Saturday, February 11, 2006

Don't Anger Them, Surrender Now

Belmont Club points us to this Guardian Unlimited commentary by Polly Toynbee titled, No more fantasy diplomacy: cut a deal with the mullahs, with the subtitle, “Iran cannot be prevented from developing nuclear weapons, only delayed. We must negotiate not ratchet up the rhetoric.”

Since it is impossible to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons (she says), she concludes,

[I]f you cannot win, give up at once to minimise the damage. Get off the high horse and start to negotiate terms on which Iran can be allowed to enrich uranium. It amounts to turning a blind eye to their weapons potential while striking a deal that saves their face, affords them some dignity and entices them economically into becoming a more stable force.

Well, that’s one European leftist’s opinion. The sooner we surrender the better. If we surrender fast, rather than after a lot humiliating belligerance, then Iran is more likely to act responsibly with its nuclear weapons.

Why is Polly Toynbee so certain we can’t stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons? We have bombs, many bombs. Some of our bombs are smart, some are like Polly Toynbee. We can get the job done if we have the will.