Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Multiculturalist Intimidation

Tongue Tied reports:

KHOU in Houston is reporting that the soccer team there will change its name from "Houston 1836" following pressure from the Hispanic community. 1836 is the year Texas gained its independence, but for Mexican-Americans it's said to remind them of the year "thousands of their forefathers lost their lives and their land."

Do you think anyone seriously gives a damn about who won what in 1836? The sole purpose of this is multiculturalist intimidation. They seize any opportunity to show that the whims of an ethnic collective trump all else. As we are now seeing, this premise leads to the timidity many in Europe (and America) show before Islamist intimidation.

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EdMcGon said...

Myrhaf, this is one place where I have to disagree with you. I see this as a business decision, not a freedom of speech issue.

Certainly, the business has the right to name their team anything they want to, but if they want to sell tickets, they have to consider to whom they are selling. I suspect there is probably a large number of Mexicans in Houston who like soccer.

This is just smart business.