Saturday, February 11, 2006

Men Are From Mars, Idiocy Is From Earth

Listening to the John Tesh Radio Show (my job involves listening to radio), I heard him talk about an idea from a book called Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. Men don’t like chatting on the phone as much as women because of – are you ready for this? – hormones. The hormone that reduces stress in women is oxytosin, and it is stimulated by communication. For men, testosterone reduces stress and it is stimulated by problem solving and competition. When chatting on the phone, men don’t feel like they’re accomplishing anything, so they have less patience for the activity.

What a load of BS. I know several men who live on the phone. They love nothing more than gossiping on the phone. I see men all the time walking on sidewalks or driving a car, holding a cell phone to their ear as they gab away.

It might be true that women in general enjoy talking on the phone more than men, but the reason for that has to be bigger than what hormone reduces stress. Reducing behavior to hormones is nonsense. It's astrology for materialists.


Jennifer Snow said...

Most of the women I know are at a loss to stop the men in their lives from calling them all the time and asking for their advice.

The only people I talk to on the phone are my parents, because seeing them in person would require me to travel 2000 miles. Even then, I only talk to them once a month or so.

I only use the phone to facilitate actually meeting people in person or to get information on short notice.

David, The Machine said...

I am shocked and dismayed that a book on understanding women written by a former Catholic Priest is so fashionable. I had to endure having a few sections read to me (in marriage #1), and I can say that it all sounds like folk wisdom wrapped up in pseudo-scientific jargon. John Edwards is a snake oil salesman of the soul.