Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Democrat Desperation

Dean Barnett of Soxblog sum up my thinking on this Daily Kos reaction to the Cheney shooting story:

A prominent Daily Kos diary suggests that it’s the biggest scandal yet to emerge from the Bush White House because of its metaphorical value. Seriously. They think this story will have the traction that all their other pathetic attempts to cripple the presidency have lacked because of its strength as a metaphor. Could you make this stuff up?

Meanwhile, Drudge reports that Democrat opposition research plans to attack Newt Gingrich for being fat.

As always, the Democrats seem rather desperate to smear Republicans. When will these sad sacks learn that their number one priority should be thinking up reasons Americans should vote for them? They can tear down the other side all they want, but what do they offer as an alternative? Just saying, “We’re not Republicans” is not good enough.

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