Friday, January 27, 2006

Two People Who Did Not Like Mozart's Music

Noel Coward
Ayn Rand

(I like the Requiem and some of the symphonies, but most Mozart gets boring fast. What I heard on the radio today as I drove to and from periodontal surgery had moments of interest surrounded by what sounded to me like filler. But you have to listen to music more than once to really appreciate it.

Happy 250th birthday, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.)

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Anonymous said...

You're another Mozart hater, fuck off... Symphony No. 40 in G minor is the greatest music ever made or played, in any genre, and I'm a black dude who was raised on soul, r&b, rock, and hip hop. I've listened to Bethoven and it sounds like your describing his music. They hated on Mozart then and you've proved that he's hated on now!