Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Is Something Up?

Rick Moran of Right Wing Nut House speculates on a meeting President Bush is calling with a bipartisan collection of former secretaries of state and defense. Moran thinks this might be a way of showing Iran we are serious about stopping their nuclear weapon program. Perhaps it is a step toward bombing.

Since Iran is going to be on the agenda, the President may want to gage what kind of support he can expect from Democratic heavy hitters if he feels it necessary to escalate the crisis, probably within a few weeks.
I’m suspicious. If this is an attempt to get Democrat support for military action, it won’t work. No matter how much force is justified, if Bush bombs Iran, Madeleine Albright will say he didn’t exhaust diplomatic options. We should have blown Iraq and Iran away in October, 2001; instead Bush wasted a year and a half building a coalition before invading Iraq. And liberals still say we rushed into war.

Bringing Democrats into the process in any serious way can only bog down the war effort. But if he wants to make a polite show of listening to Democrats, that’s okay. I think. They might find some way to use even that against Bush.

Bush has to understand by now that the only enemy the Democrats are serious about destroying is Republicans.

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