Saturday, January 14, 2006

Never Mind...

Ann Althouse discusses how incompetent the Miers nomination looks in light of the Alito hearings. The Miers nomination is two or three months old now, but I still can’t get over how stupid it was to nominate that woman to sit on the Supreme Court. The samples of her writing that came to light were bad by high school standards. The thinking in them was banal liberal pieties.

I have to think that Bush is as simple-minded and ignorant as Miers. This presents a real danger to America -- no, not the danger of dictatorship that the left sees in Bush, but the danger that Bush will accept big government proposals simply because he lacks the intelligence to understand why they are bad. The spending increases, the education bill and the prescription drug program are the fruits of his ignorance.

Republicans have got to stay on Bush’s ass for the next three years. They must push him to cut spending and regulations. They should push this little man so hard that he gives them the finger.

What am I talking about? They’re Republicans. They don’t give a damn if spending explodes.

It's moments like this that I despair for our future.

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