Friday, January 13, 2006


I watch very little TV. The last show I watched regularly was -- get ready for it -- "All In the Family." We're talking 1974 here. Nowadays I have even given up cable news except when a big story breaks. I can't take their idiotic arguments with spinmeisters shouting talking points at one another.

I never miss a Lakers game. Other than that, I read or watch DVD's. I know I'm missing a lot of good shows.

This Sunday I will watch the season premiere of "24." It seems to be about a law enforcement agent who fights terrorism with the moral absolutism of Mike Hammer. Fighting crime isn't just his job, it's his personal mission. From what I read, "24" is a world of black and white, not shades of gray. I guess that means Steven Spielberg is not involved.

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Brian Faulkner said...

Last season there were many intensely exciting episodes and Jack (the hero) never let me down.

Speaking of Mike Hammer, I forget which book it was, but a scene that sometimes comes to mind when I think of retributive justice is when Mike twists a knife attacker's arm up behind his back and doesn't stop until all the ligaments in his elbow have snapped. Then he says, "you'll never use that arm to knife anyone again". Immediate, no "deals", no reprieve; justice.