Monday, January 23, 2006

Democratic Battle Plan

Let’s take a look at Dr. Tom More’s “Democratic Battle Plan” as he wrote at Daily Kos.

1. The Republicans are incompetent. We know what we're doing.

The first sentence is true. I would like to see some evidence to support the second sentence.

2. The Republicans are corrupt.

Many of them are. If attacking corruption works, make the most of it. Republicans are getting most of the money from lobbyists because they have the power. Buying off Democrats has become a waste of money.

3. Leave Iraq Now.

Why? Do you want us out because our mission in Iraq is purely sacrificial with no benefit to America’s national security? I could be persuaded by an argument along those lines. Do you want us out because the war was started by imperialistic neocons in order to fill their bank accounts? I don’t buy it; I think the neocons are serious when they talk about America’s mission to bring freedom to the world.

4. Smart, strong national defense and homeland security.

You’ll have to get more specific than the words smart and strong to convince anyone Democrats really care about national defense. It’s better to avoid this issue as the Republicans have owned it since when, the Civil War? Homeland security is nonsense. The only way to make America safe is to destroy terrorist states.

5. Repairing alliances around the world.

Meaning that America should sacrifice its interests in the spirit of egalitarianism to every nation that is less powerful than us, which is every nation. I want the opposite: America should weaken alliances in order to show the enemy that we will let no consideration for any other country interfere with our self-defense. Let America stand alone, selfish and proud. Let those who would do us harm tremble.

6. Investing in America's future.

It is not the proper role of the government to invest in the future. The individual is responsible for his own future. If you want to make it easier for individuals to ensure their future, reduce the size of government and taxes.

7. Personal freedom and shared responsibility.

Personal freedom is good; I think you’ve got an issue here that will resonate with Americans. Shared responsibility is collectivism; this is a bad idea that I hope will go nowhere.

8. Don't be afraid.

First Molly Ivins talks about Democrats riddled with fear, now Dr. Tom More. I think you leftists have spent so much time and energy turning the Republicans into the evil boogieman that you have come to believe it. If Democrats are seriously afraid of Republicans, I have to say, that is pathetic. The Republicans are mostly backslapping deal-makers and no-nothing boobs. What’s to be afraid of? (I think the Dems are really afraid that voters will see how far to the left they are and reject them at the polls.)

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