Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I considered going to see Spielberg's new movie, Munich. I thought it would provide material for nice juicy post on this blog. Sorry, I just can't make myself go. The trailer alone fills me with disgust. Spielberg and his leftist screenwriter Tony Kushner have Golda Meir say something about every civilization having to compromise its values sometimes.

Excuse me? Killing terrorists compromises the West's values? Justice is a compromise?

Steven Spielberg is an imbecile. He should not attempt to direct anything deeper than the Powerpuff Girls.

UPDATE: Perhaps I should explain that islamic terrorism is an act of war. Israel is surrounded by states that want it wiped off the map. Terrorists are soldiers in that war. You don't fight enemy combatants by serving them with subpoenas and respecting their constitutional rights, or whatever the Israeli equivalent of law and order is. You kill enemy soldiers. In WWII, any Nazi officers caught out of uniform were summarily executed. The equivocation of crime and war leads liberals into this swamp of confusion about our methods in fighting terrorists. Their lack of clarity will get Americans killed.

My own writing above is unclear. Instead of "Justice is a compromise?" I should have written "Defense is a compromise?" National defense is a form of justice, but I should have been more precise in my wording because it is just this confusion of criminal justice and war that is impeding our war effort.

The worst part about movies like Munich and the moral uncertainty coming from liberals is that they signal to the enemy that they can win by exploiting this weakness of purpose. The enemy thinks America will leave the middle east as we did in Vietnam and Somalia. The left thinks the same.

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