Friday, January 27, 2006


A summary of Ray Taliaferro’s opening monologue this morning:

Interesting morning. The Hamas victory in Palestine is the big story and will be for some time. There is a lot of concern from all around the world. Bush says we’re not going to recognize that democratic election unless Hamas renounces violence. Tony Blair said the same. Israel also says they have to renounce violence. Ray doesn’t know what they mean.

When did the United States of America ever renounce violence? Why have we spent trillions of dollars developing the biggest violence machine the world has ever seen? America is the only nation to drop atomic bombs. Total hypocrisy. Bush is the most hypocritical idiot we have ever had in the White House. His comments are not supported by his actions.

We committed violence to establish a democracy in Iraq. The only way that Bush and his gang of thugs and thugresses, that would be Condi, would talk to democratically elected people is if they are the ones he wants. Bush is about to be impeached in our democracy.

Think about the amount of violence Bush has used. We have become the biggest terrorist nation the world has known. He is such a bungling fool that he can’t even pronounce “renounce” correctly.

It is rhetorical excrement. He will only talk to the people that HE wants elected. Violence makes no difference. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela won his election. President Chavez has not once advocated pre-emptive strikes in Iraq, but Bush won’t talk to him.

They have to renounce violence. In other words, he wants Hamas to be better than the United States of America. He wants Hamas to have some form of democracy that is foreign to the neofascists who run the government of America. Bush tried to overthrow Chavez, even though he was duly elected.

Ray is opposed to violence. He’s opposed to Bush’s violence. Bush crushed hundreds of thousands of people on a pack of lies. Bush admitted he was wrong to invade Iraq.

So, what if democracy sweeps the middle east? And the Arab populations begin voting en masse for people and parties that the US doesn’t like? What do you think? What would the US do? Recognize those government or ask of them what they’re asking Hamas to do?

Why do you suppose George Bush is asking Hamas to renounce something that he will not renounce? He wants to use violence any time he wants to. The Palestinians threw out Fatah because they were corrupt. And Bush says he won’t recognize them unless they do what Bush won’t do? And what does it mean to renounce violence? Think about it.


Bush wants Hamas to get rid of its armed wing? Does that mean that Bush will get rid of the Pentagon? Does America not have an armed wing? Does not Bush kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people just because he wants to take over some country?

How did that bungling fool ever grab the reins of control of the US government, which has the biggest, deadliest, most destructive armed wing of any government in the world? So what does it mean to renounce?

Bush assaulted the democratic process in the US to gain control. That is so sad.

Something untold is going to happen. This is not a good time. This is not a happy time.

The renouncing of violence. The US does not renounce violence. Why should Bush expect other people to do so?

How can we demand of a duly elected government that it have better principles than we do?

(That was pretty much all of what Ray said in the first half hour of his show. A news reports, ads and four or five plays of a clip of Bush stumbling over his words filled the rest of the time.)


EdMcGon said...

That kind of argument was the kind used to support Germany's military buildup prior to WWII.

Which side of the political spectrum is Ray standing on? Even Jimmy Carter supported Bush's position (from

"Former President Jimmy Carter, who headed the mission to monitor the Palestinian election, concurred with Bush, saying that the U.S. should not negotiate with Hamas unless it "accepts the two-state solution and acknowledges the fact that Israel is a nation deserving of recognition.""

So far, Hamas has only called for the destruction of Israel. At what point in time did the U.S. ever call for the destruction of ANY country?

Ray is either a complete wacko or, more likely, a radio talk show host trying to build ratings.

Myrhaf said...

Ray is a far leftist. He has been doing talk radio since, I think, the 1960's in San Francisco. He's popular with the Democratic Underground crowd.