Saturday, January 28, 2006

Initial Sexual Attraction

Here is a post I put up on the Forum for Ayn Rand Fans some time ago:

Initial sexual attraction is probably necessary for a romantic relationship to work, but it's not sufficient.

I once lived with a liberal woman. She was the only actor I had acted with onstage who was clearly better than I. I fell desperately in love with her talent and beauty. There was heavy sexual attraction in the beginning and we had good times together.

One day she said, "I feel sorry for the whales." I laughed. I thought she was joking! She was hurt.

The relationship was doomed, but I didn't know it. She would complain that I didn't respect her mind. I scoffed then, but now I see that she was right. I focused on her good qualities, hoping to ignore her lack of interest in anything deeper than the TV Guide. Doomed, doomed...

I was surprised when she left me. How could I be so blind?

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zama202 said...

Oh goodness. Please stop. You are bringing back such bad memories. When I was a neophyte Objectivist I must have alienated everyone I knew. I would date really sexy liberal chicks and then bash everything the believed in; and then wonder why they would break it off.

Its amazing how irrational people who claim to follow a rational philosphy can be. I wish I could erase the memory of those years even though I know that the experience was an important one from a maturity point of view.