Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Poetry of Armando

The following is satire. I have taken lines from Armando’s posts at Daily Kos and put them into bogus free verse. No line has been repeated. I think this stuff is funny, but you might not.

This is not to be taken seriously. These “poems” are outrageously unfair to Armando. Lines and words have been ripped from context, distorting their original meaning.

Why Armando? Something in his writing spoke to me.


wingnuts on parade
wingnut republican

wingnut hacks
wingnut nominees
wingnut handholding
extremist wingnuts
this particular wingnut
is a wingnut
if the wingnuts
from the wingnuts
more wingnut handholding

so it's a wingnuts stomp bush day
uh oh, the wingnuts aren't buying it
so much for the intelligence of the wingnuts
bush: the wingnuts' waterboy
they got their wingnut

what a lovely stink bomb to throw
into the middle of the wingnuts

Learn a Lesson

Learn a lesson from the Republicans.
The national message is
how bad the other guy is.
And how reasonable you are.
And how good you are on those things
they think you are good at.
It is an old story I know,
but it works.
Always has.

Don't Mess With Wolcott

Wolcott rips me.
You don't want Wolcott ripping you,
as I now can say from first hand experience.

Wolcott reteaches that lesson.

You never want Wolcott on your ass.
You definitely don't want Wolcott on your case.
Don't fuck with Wolcott.
Well in this case, there is a corollary –
don't capture Wolcott's attention,
if you are a Wingnut.

Don't mess with Wolcott.

Do Pigs Fly?

Do I expect the Republicans
and their pundit allies
to insist on defending
the principle of separation of powers,
after all their
pontificating on this principle
over the years?
Do pigs fly?

There is no emptier concept
than the idea of a principled Republican.
That is an extinct species.

Shame and Decency Have Disappeared

What a disgrace.
Simply ridiculous.
This is simply despicable.
Detestable conduct.
Disgraceful bigoted past.

In case we had forgotten.
Callous, worthless, despicable, heartless.
Have I told you lately that Republican politicians are
It can not be said enough.

So far it is all rip. Now to take it up a notch:
What a douchebag.
Condescending, insultingly sexist and lost in space.
This boggles the mind.

Finalize the blame now.
Nothing is beyond Republicans. Nothing.
A new Republican low.
I think most Right Wingers are not happy.
The weakness is obvious.

Shame and decency have disappeared.

I have been merciless in my criticisms.

What Bush Likes

Yep, Bush likes
lunatic wars
with substantial American casualties,
destroying alliances,
building space-based missile shields,
poor performing economies,
tax cuts for the rich,
record budget deficits,
destroying social security,
ignoring the terrorism threat,

Yeah, big unpopular ideas like that.

Bush will never learn. Will you?

He Said That?

You gotta be shitting me.
He said that?
He has no clue.
Or he's a bald faced liar.
Or both.

The Problem

That's the problem
with being a shill –
you'll twist yourself
into such a posture of ridiculousness
you can't even tell when your head
has been firmly tucked
into your nether regions.
You weren't seeking the light anyway.

I’m Listening

Tell me what I am missing,
on all the issues.
What did I not understand?
What point did I unfairly dismiss?
Understand what I am saying here.
I don't mean did you not convince me.
What I mean is
where I simply did not
absorb and engage
your thoughts.
Talk to me.
I'm listening.

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