Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tim Russert, RIP

You can't fake who you are on TV. Especially if you're on week after week for decades, the real you comes out. Tim Russert always seemed like a man without pretensions or agendas who wanted to get the truth from those in power. He would ask tough questions of those on the left and right.

One got the sense that he was a man of deeply held values. He loved Buffalo, where he grew up, he loved his father, he loved the game of politics, he loved sports and he loved America.

Tom Brokaw's voice betrays his emotion a few times as he announces Russert's death, but his professionalism holds the day and he does not break. It must have been a difficult task.

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mike18xx said...

Sure you can fake who you are on TV.

See Beck for a contrary eulogy for "dumb-ass" Russert.