Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blood Feud

Democrats struggle to unite behind their candidate.

After a long primary campaign, Barack Obama is now the Democratic nominee for president. The dream of America advancing to the point where it could elect the first woman president must be deferred and no one can say for how long. Women who feel they have waited a lifetime for a chance to vote for a woman for President now must wait even longer. In addition to this disappointment, there is real anger about how the campaign was conducted and covered in the media.

All this acrimony over what? Obama is a black man and Clinton is a woman. This is all that has driven the division among Democrats. Ideologically, Obama and Clinton are Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber.

Will Obama being a black man or Clinton being a woman make either one a better President? No, it has nothing to do their philosophy, their policies, their experience. Democrats have made the symbolism of nominating "the first black man" or "the first woman" more important than which candidate would actually be a better President.

I have to think that if FDR or JFK were brought back to life, they would not recognize this campaign as the Democrat Party. Hubert Humphrey saw the beginnings of the New Left in the streets of Chicago in 1968. Now those rioters are the party elders. What a decline in 40 years!

This is how the premise of multiculturalism distorts priorities in America. Instead of making America a color blind culture that focuses on character and ideas, it makes us an intensely racist and feminist culture. People are considered first by their race and sex, then by their character.

Note that the conflict between Obama and Clinton was heated and emotional, but there was very little rational argumentation of ideas be both sides. All Clinton had was mud to throw, and she threw a dump truck full. At one point she even called herself the candidate for white people, a statement that would have ended any Republican's career. Obama threw some mud back, but being in the lead he was able to take the high road and play Messiah to the masses.

How much can reason do in multiculturalist conflict? When people take sides because of biology instead of ideas, there's no point in arguing. Only force can decide such a dispute. Allegiance to blood leads to blood on the streets. The conflict between Obama and Clinton was not violent -- it descended only to the level of smears and demagoguery -- but it portends a bleak future. Multiculturalism can only lead to violence and hatred as various ethnic pressure groups fight for their turf in the welfare state.

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