Sunday, June 08, 2008

NBA Finals Game 2

The Lakers were down 24 points with around 7:30 to play in the fourth quarter, then the other team, whoever they are, fell asleep and the Lakers cut the lead to 2 points and almost stole a win in that place back East, wherever it is. The Lakers played as bad as I have seen them play since they got Pau Gasol and they were close in both games.

Now the Lakers have this other team, whoever they are, right where they want them -- overconfident! The Bozos from Beantown actually think they have a chance to win this series. Ha! Ha ha! Their humiliation will be complete when the Lakers win three games in LA and one game back in that other place, wherever it is.

The Lakers are cruel to let the Clover Leafs think they can win. Poor, deluded Clover Leafs. Like a cat hoping a wounded mouse will make another run for it just so he can have the fun of pouncing again, the Lakers tease that other team, whoever they are, the ones in green.

Boston sucks. Aerosmith sucks. The Standells suck. Okay, "Dirty Water" is a great song, but they still suck because they're from a state famous for burning witches and electing Kennedys. "Hey, gang! Let's burn a witch, then go vote for Ted Kennedy!" What a state!

(For those of you who are wondering if I'm serious -- and I know you're out there -- this post goes with the smiling face to the left. Well, mostly. Sort of.)


C. August said...

Hailing from the Boston area, I almost wish I followed basketball, just to get to trade some good natured heckling along the lines of "2 games to 0!" or "One road win for the Celtics and your beloved collection of slimeballs (Kobe) and strange-looking Europeans will be in trouble."

But I won't, because the only things I hear about basketball come from some friends who actually pay attention to it.

In truth, I harbor no ill-will for LA. Growing up in Colorado during the Magic vs. Bird years, I consistently cheered for the Lakers, causing my father -- big Celtics fan from Boston -- no end of consternation.

However, I must call out one thing you said about my adopted home Socialist Republic, namely the Kennedy thing. Where do you live again? California? Hello, pot. It's the kettle. You're black. ;-)

Myrhaf said...

Wait, California is awesome. We have Barbara Boxer, Barbra Streisand, Martin Sheen, the People's Republic of Santa Monica, the LA Times, San Francisco, Tom Hayden...

Never mind.

Stephen Bourque said...

Well, we shall see how it all turns out!

I'm mostly a baseball guy, and of the four major sports basketball is my least favorite. But as a lifelong Bostonian, I can't help but enjoy the ride we're having these past few years. After suffering for years, it's nice to see all the Boston teams winning: the Red Sox, the Patriots, the Celtics, and the Bru-

Well, let's just leave it at the Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics.

As for Celtic overconfidence in game 3, I would agree that it would seem likely in most similar circumstances - except the fourth quarter in game 2 probably extinguished that last little hope for the Lakers. The Lakers would have been better off letting the Celtics beat them by twenty five points!

Anyway, good luck to your Lakers, and may your Angels not get swept in the ALDS this year like 2007 (and 2004)! :)

Adam said...

The Standells are from LA...

Myrhaf said...

As I said, "Dirty Water" is a great song!