Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Around the World Wide Web 64

1. Did you know the "Beat LA" chant started in a game that did not feature a team from LA?

When the current Celtics eliminated Detroit on Friday night, they chanted “Beat L.A.” Some might even know where that 26-year-old chant began — in the old Boston Garden, at the end of a hopelessly lost Eastern Conference Game 7. The Bostonians were imploring the hated 76ers to go to that clueless coast and beat the despised Lakers (they didn't).

That's how much Bostonians hate LA -- they chanted "Beat LA" to the 76ers!

2. McCain is considering Governor Susan Palin of Alaska as his VP pick. I don't know anything about her except that she is an attractive woman -- but that is enough information to judge her a shrewd choice. There are millions of Democrat women out there like Geraldine Ferraro who are furious at what they see as Obama's "sexism" (yes, scare quotes; I hold the concept as a dubious neologism). It seems silly to me, but that is what liberal politics have come down to: voting for the candidate who represents your multiculturalist tribe. McCain could steal a lot of Dem votes with a female VP.

3. Free speech is dead in France.

If you want a little window into what the Left has in store for everyone, take a look at this. Legendary screen actress Brigitte Bardot has been convicted in France for 'inciting racial hatred.' What did she do? She spoke her mind, in a letter, that Muslims are destroying her nation.

Somehow I doubt that French authorities will use this law to prosecute some Jihadist for saying infidels must die. Why the double standard? Egalitarianism. Muslims are the aggrieved minority, the underdog. Egalitarians would see this ruling as necessary to protect the powerless from the powerful.

4. A thread at Democratic Underground urges readers to perpetrate "citizen's arrests" of their ideological opponents for being "war criminals." This Moonbat wants to victimize Henry Kissinger, Condoleeza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld, among others.

As Moonbattery writes,

These clowns certainly provide some laughs with their adolescent fantasies of handcuffing those who don't share their wacky views. But they would be a lot less funny if the government were run by fellow moonbats, who through benign neglect or active nurturing might develop them into the brownshirts of our liberal fascist future.

It's just another example of how the longing for force has replaced reason on the far left. Will their fantasies ever become reality?

(HT: Ace of Spades)

5. The philosopher Leonard Peikoff's quarter-hour podcast is quite fascinating this week.

6. AP says Obama wins the nomination.

Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois sealed the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday, a historic step toward his once-improbable goal of becoming the nation's first black president.

My first thoughts: This will be an historic election. Both parties will field their worst candidate of my lifetime. McCain is a Republican who sneers at the profit motive and equates morality with collectivist service to the state. Obama is an unintelligent Peter Keating with far leftist ideas that helped him advance in the liberal cocoon of Chicago politics.

Worst vs. worst, who wins?

I need a drink.


mike18xx said...

The difference between the two is that Obama is a committed communist while McCain is basically running on the "autopilot" of platitudes necessary for winning state elections when most of the people who vote are simply looking for loot. As a President, however, he'd no longer have to put up with that.

Whether he can successfully disengage that "gear" he's presently stuck in remains to be seen. The VP-hunt contemplating the hot-lookin' female Alaska gov is actually a discouraging sign here, in that they seem to be focusing on appearances rather than ideals.

He took a lot of heat from conservatives for the global warming nonsense he spouted a couple weeks ago; let's see if he says anything (spontaneously) about that topic again prior to the televised debates. If he doesn't, that'd mean there's at least one smart "handler" on his team, and he's listening to that person.

Ted said...

After watching both McCain's and Obama's speeches on TV Tuesday night, McCain no less than NEEDS to run Alaska Gov Sarah Palin as his VP mate.

Jim May said...

Free speech is dead in France.

It may be murdered in Canada soon also -- though there does appear to be some sort of fight for it going on.

More info here.