Saturday, June 07, 2008

Democrats vs. America

Don't miss Rocco DiPippo's superb analysis of the Democrats today. He shows how the party has been taken over by anti-American leftists. He shows the vast damage they have done.

Since his focus is on the left, I must make one point about the right. DiPippo writes,

Ideological descendants of Marx and Rousseau now lead the Democratic Party and they have turned it into a disloyal opposition to an increasingly accommodating GOP.


Though the Democrats and their media shills are responsible for creating that illusion, Bush and the Republicans are to blame for generally ignoring or responding weakly to the Left's relentless assault on America's war-time morale....

...Instead of rousing, convincing, patriotic speeches, the public was usually treated to lame utterances from Bush like, "Its hard work . . . we're working hard . . . we're making progress."

...the inability of Bush and his PR team...

Now, why is the GOP accommodating? Why do the Republicans respond weakly? Why cannot Bush articulate his purpose? Why is Bush's PR inept?

The answer to all those question is morality. The Democrats have the morality of altruism and its corollary egalitarianism on their side. They stand tall as forthright fighters for their morality. America, the strongest nation in the world, must not pursue its national self-interest by this morality; it must sacrifice to the rest of the world.

The Republicans, whose religious morality is also altruism, cannot face the Democrats in moral righteousness. They cannot argue that America has the moral right to annihilate any regime that threatens us. Instead, they stammer like Ralph Cramden in "The Honeymooners." Hama-hama-hama-hama.

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Anonymous said...

With just about as much effect as Ralph had in sending Alice "bang, zoom, straight to the moon."

But, "one of these days... POW, right in the kisser." Not likely, as you point out, since the philosophical underpinnings are identical.