Saturday, February 03, 2007

Interview with John Lewis

If you have an hour, this interview on February 2, 2007 with Dr. John Lewis on the Kit Jarrell Show is interesting. (If the link does not take you to the exact interview, look around the site.) Dr. Lewis discusses our current non-war against totalitarian Islam, what we should do, why we are not doing it and how likely it is that we will do what we should do.

Unlike professional broadcasters, who are trained to ask a question after a guest has said a sentence or two, the women on this show allow Dr. Lewis to speak at length. This is good, because Dr. Lewis is more intelligent and interesting than most professional broadcasters. I would rather hear him than Bill O’Reilly interrupting him to ask, “Yeah, but when we gonna off dese bums? Dey did somethin’ wrong and dey gotta pay.”

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