Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Classical Education

Lisa Van Damme on the Classical Education movement vs. Progressive Education.

Perhaps the best thing that could happen to America would be the abolition of the Department of Education and government schools. Free market competition in education would allow Classical Education to compete better against Progressive Education and within years the empirical evidence would compel any responsible parent to avoid Progressive Education as if it were a disease.

But just as we pay $20 billion a year for a Department of Agriculture that stifles competition and erects regulations that give us food of less quality for more money, we pay the Department of Education $65.7 billion a year to dumb down America. $65.7 billion a year to cripple minds!

You statists who support government schools are not just wrong, you are disastrously, irresponsibly, unforgivably wrong. You sanctimonious liberals are destroying lives and morons like George W. Bush go along with whatever you want.


madmax said...

Its amazing that liberals hate Bush so much. He shares every one of their altruistic premises. He only differs in degree. The Left wants total socialism. Bush is only willing to go half way and liberals hate him for that. Can you imagine the degree of their hatred if by some stretch of the imagination an Objectivist were President (which I know is impossible) or if even a Goldwater Conservative were President? I think elements of the Left would take to armed rebellion.

Myrhaf said...

I think so, too. They've spent their lives building the edifice of the state. Some of them will die fighting rather than allow one brick to be dismantled. They understand the principle involved. They understand that one brick leads to another. They also understand that people must not be allowed to see that freedom works.

Thomas Rowland said...

Madmax, I'm not convinced that there is a damn bit of difference between the left and the right on altruism. Ed Cline's post at Rule of Reason reminded me that tyranny will come to the US, if it comes, in slow chinese-torture steps. That way the Tracinski's of the world can continue to see every little reprieve as proof that we 'doom-sayers' are wrong. In that respect, Bush is nothing more than a better, more willy politician.

Myrhaf, break a leg. On the issue at hand, I think most people know that freedom works. But, dammit, where would altruism be then, my friend? Where would self-sacrifice be then? And people will cling to altruism as long or longer than Christianity. I mean, they think that going to war against Islamists is a sacrifice FGS! That, I think is the danger of religion--not so much its irrationality, there is that , of course- but its altruism sent down from the father of all militant moralists: God. What an absolutely socko recipe for tyranny.

Myrhaf said...

Tom, thanks. You're absolutely right, that altruism trumps any practical results. The 20th century was a giant laboratory experiment proving that freedom creates prosperity and dictatorship does not. But practical results are inconvenient for the statists, and I think they'd rather that people were not aware of what they are missing.