Saturday, February 03, 2007

An American Success Story

Public school teachers’ average hourly pay is $34.06. Some might think this is too much, but I believe it is too little. Public school teachers deserve a raise because they are the most successful profession in America.

Do you know how much work it takes to destroy a mind? To turn a child’s mind into a passive receptor that has no desire to think independently or to pursue a lifetime of learning? To turn a happy, active child into a dull, unthinking sheep that does not question authority but obediently follows the orders of our glorious leaders in Washington, D.C.? And public teachers do not destroy just a few minds a year, but millions all across America. Public school teachers destroy minds the way Nazis killed Jews: with industrial efficiency.

To you public educators, I say, mission accomplished. You’ve made America passive, obedient, collectivist and pretty damned stupid. The welfare state will continue to grow unquestioned. Funding for public education will continue to grow. Teachers unions will gain more power. Relax and enjoy a cold one, comprachicos! You’ve earned it.

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