Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Good Strategy

Senator Clinton campaigns:
"I know what Gingrich tells people privately, I know what DeLay tells people privately, I know what Karl Rove tells people privately," Clinton said Sunday at the Nashua home of Debra and Mike Pignatelli. "I'm the one person they are most afraid of. Bill and I have beaten them before and we will again."
I don’t know if her claims are true, but this is an excellent strategy. The Republicans are talking about me. Unfortunately, too many people in both parties hate the other party more passionately than they care about any substantive issue. If you want to move primary voters, stoke that hatred. I would advise Senator Clinton to mention in every campaign speech she gives between now and Iowa, “The Republicans hate me.” Nothing will turn on Democrat voters more than this. I’m not being facetious here.


Anonymous said...

Its so much easier than actually having a platform. You just let the Republicans set the agenda, deplore the terrible mess that it must inevitably become, viola!

There are no essential differences any more between them so it becomes simply an argument of means. For this purpose any fantasy will serve.

EdMcGon said...

You're both right. What substantial issues divide the parties now? When the issues are gone, the only thing left for the candidates is hatred of the "other".